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Testing in 1 week!!!! So scared. Am I ready?


I'm scheduled to take my NCLEX-RN one week from today (July 8). I am so nervous. I have trouble falling asleep at night, trouble concentrating, and I even started grinding my teeth at night (which I never did before). I just don't feel ready. I'm considering postponing my exam and was wondering if anyone had any advice.

I've been using Kaplan to study and recently started using the Saunders questions as well.

My scores are as follows:

Q-Bank was 100% complete with 61%. Recently, I've been taking the questions I got wrong in Q-bank over again and now my average is at 60%.

I took QT1-5 over again with about a month in between the attempts and my scores are as follows (for first and second attempt):

QT1: 55 then 75

QT2: 56 then 67

QT3: 55 then 70

QT4: 56 then 71

QT5: 56 then 76

QT6: 64 (only took once)

QT7: Waiting for this weekend to take.

My diagnostic and readiness were both taken before I did any Q-bank and they are as follows: Diagnostic 62, Readiness 66

Sample tests 1-4 were as follows: 52, 66, 80, 32

On Saunders, I've been getting anywhere between 64 and 78% (With the exception of an all alternative question quiz where I got a 44%).

I know that no one will ever be able to tell me with certainty that I'm ready, but any advice or encouragement would really be great. I'm just so scared of failing.

For the next week I plan to continue doing practice questions and really buckling down to memorize lab values and refresh on EKGs and ABGs.

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Goodluck on your exam. Im sending my goodvibes to you! You will do great.i will include you in my prayers.

Your ready. My scores were similar and I passed NCLEX 2 weeks ago in 75 questions. Kaplan is a great review. I felt their questions were harder than the NCLEX