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Testing Tomorrow?


Anyone else taking the Teas tomorrow? 9 am sharp. I'm so nervous. I've been studying since January, but these past couple weeks I've slacked a lot and now I feel so unprepared. I've been doing all I can. Watching a million Khan Academy videos and taking notes and doing flash cards. But I still am so nervous. My school only takes 20 in the program I want. I need to do as well as possible. :(

I just took it two weeks ago. The practice tests were harder than the test in my opinion. Get a good night sleep and have a good breakfast. The thing I was most surprised about when I took it was how many people rushed through it without using the whole time allotted. I took my full time (but was always mindful of the amount of time left) and went back and looked over my answers if I still had leftover time. You can always eliminate one or two answers right off the bat, then just take time to think through the remaining answers. I scored a 92.7%. You can do great too. :)

Congrats on that score! Yea I am a fast test taker, but I will be making sure to take my time and look over my answers. In my practice tests, I often rush through and find myself making stupid math mistakes or not reading the problem right. So thanks for those tips. :)

Just took mine last week. Just pace yourself and read carefully. Little things like greatest to least vs. least to greatest can trip you up. Know things like the relationship between kinetic and potential energy and subject verb agreement. But most of all, relax! I did some deep breathing as I was waiting to enter the exam room. The online exams were more difficult than the actual exam. Pay attention to your time and know when to mark a question as one you just need to go back to. I scored an overall of 86.7% which was better than I thought. Good luck!

Thanks. I just got done with my test and I am pleased. I got a 90%!

Adjusted Individual Total Score: 90.0%

Mean-National: 64.3%

Mean- Program: 64.9%

Reading Adjusted Individual Score: 95.2%

Math Adjusted Individual Score: 86.7%

Science Adjusted Individual Score: 83.3%

English Adjusted Individual Score: 96.7%

It was a lot harder to me than the practice tests were. Especially the science section. I felt like I was bombing it so hard. And the Reading felt like brain teasers to me, lol. But I took my time (almost ran out of time for Math), and rechecked my answers and I ended up with my goal score. I feel like I can breathe easier now. I think it is a good enough score to get into my program of choice. Whew. Now I can just focus on acing my Anatomy class!