which testing center pls??


im a graduate nurse here in the philippines and presently reviewing for the nclex.i plan to take the said exam this mid year.but i dont know where?im torn between hongkong and saipan.just wanna ask for an advice.im considering of course the expenses also.thanks


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If you're planning to take nclex on mid-2007, i'd suggest taking it in manila. I'm not very sure of this yet,, but news came out that probably it will open on mid-2007. Just check on the ncsbn website if there are news about the opening. Check on the months of March and April.

;) I hope it will open on mid-2007....


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the expenses in those places actually depends on when you are gonna take..if it is an off or peak season..my friend who is took the test in Saipan spent $700 but when i contacted the travel agency, the expenses now may go way up to $1000 because the airline without stop overs is fully booked so she suggested taking another airlines with a stopover in Seoul, Korea.so i suggest that if you decide to take in Saipan, you have to book early..

hongkong on the other hand is cheaper but more difficult to get a sched..

..you could try guam..but u have to apply for a visa..the overall cost is about $500 including the expenses for the visa..

..its such a hassle thats why i'm glad there will be a test center in the phils so that other nurses will not undergo the same ordeal that i and other nurses who had difficulty lookin for a test center had..

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There are no dates posted for the opening of the Manila center.....in the past with any center, there is usually a three month wait until you can select that location and then another three months before it opens.

It will depend on the state and how long that you have for the ATT, all states are not created equal in time length.


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Hongkong Vs. Saipan

1. schedule: more difficult in HK cuz most examiners prefer there

2. expenses: cheaper in HK

3. flights: HK has daily flights compared to Saipan if m not mistaken has only 2-3x/week

3. destinations: Saipan according to my cousin is like SBMA (formerly a naval base in Olongapo:Subic) meaning not big enough while HK has several tourist destinations

Guam- u need US visa meaning ul pay another $100 and could be denied.

Philippines- 48 years pa!


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Philippines- 48 years pa!

i am liking this lolz!!! anyways as the previous posters have said, considering Philippines as the test center will notw ork if you intend to take the test Mid this year. Most likely possible by the end of the year tho. I would prefer HK for few reasons altho there is con choosing it. 1) way cheaper than any test centre outside PH. 2)the place is one of the tourist attraction in asia, means you can enjoy and relax and see the site after the test. go to disneyland or travel to china for a day. the total cost of the travel with these extra stuff will not outweigh the prices of either Guam or saipan.3)shopping!!! 4) flights were everyday and almost everyhour with different airlines. aka easily accessible anytime. it would be nice to take the test and enjoy the place at the same time rather thantaking the test and feel confused and miserable after cuz all you can do is to stay in thehotel cuz theres nowhere to go and enjoy? after the test, time to relax isnt it? we dont wanna be traumatized thinking what questions we didnt answer right and waiting for the result for weeks. and now for the cons: since it is the best place to take the test, it is fully booked, i guess til July at the moment and will gonna be a hotspot for most of the test takers. plan the trip. look for the available spot and reserve early. early bird catches worm:P and there are lots of birds to compete so better be prepared....


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shanaya: your right!!

leila75: lot of people are saying the same things.the only con i have to face in choosing hk is getting a slot. i really hope i could get one. aside from the taking the exam itself, why not take the said chance to relax and see the place right.?(at least that would be a great consolation)hehe..

tagalog is not permitted in the postings here. you are required to use english only.

thank you.

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Pearson-Vue still has no further information on a center, other than what was posted by them in February. I would suggest looking for another location other than Manila.

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