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I have recently started a nursing program a few weeks ago. I have my first exam in Anatomy and Physiology this coming Monday with many more to come. I am very excited to put my knowledge to the test and see just what I have retained from this first unit. I feel confident when it comes to studying. Recalling the information on my own comes easily. Yet, when test days come it seems that a good portion of the information does not come to mind as quickly or clearly as it did when I reviewed. This has happened to me when taking other tests. If anyone has any tips on studying skills they find work best for them or even how to make this knowlegde flow better, I would really appreciate the reply.


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it sounds like you have test taking anxiety.

1st thing....get a GOOD night's rest. Go easy on caffeine the day of. Get up a little early to go for a short walk...get your blood a-pumping. Taking the test..be sure to take nice deep breaths!

I used to have terrible test taking anxiety. My advisor gave me these tips and it works for me!

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