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I had my first test for therapeutics and I felt that it did not reflect what I read on the book. The instructors recommend getting an NCLEX book to use it as a study guide for our next test. Do you have one and if so would you recommend it?? Please give me the title and edition..... I think our next test is about laboratory interpretation, perioperative, and skin breakdown. One of the students told me to get a lab values book, does any one have this??? What is the exact title??

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I would reccomend asking your instructors if they have a "favorite" NCLEX review book. Our school likes the Saunders book, so that is the one I purchased. It was available in the campus bookstore. We are also required to take the HESI twice during our program so I purchased the NCLEX RN Review book they put out. I googled HESI and found their official web page and made the purchase from there. I really like to use the books as review prior to tests as they are in outline format and the information is concise. Don't overlook the review questions available in your textbooks, or available on the CD that comes with the book.

Hope this helps.

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