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Tessio Cath...need info quick! Clinical tonight

Just finished gathering patient information on my clinical patients for tonight. One has just had a Tessio Cath inserted. I have a couple of quick questions regarding her patho and care.

Are Tessio cath's temporary or are they in placed instead of a graph? Are they used in chronic or acute renal failure? And the big uhhh...anything special I need to look for since I believe this was placed yesterday. I have quite a bit of information regarding a graph and its care but not a Tessio. Her chart is very, very, thin....

Thanks for your help.

Tessios can stay in for months, are usually placed in the chest or the groin.

Grafts are usually done in the forarm.

A Tessio can be used immediately, the graft usually needs to "age" or "ripen." When a patient has a graft inserted, it usually is not used for about one week, they need to have a cather in place that can be used.

Issues with the Tessio or any other central line, they can get infected the same. The graft can get a clot in it and the patient would need to go to the OR immedicately to have the clot removed, called an embolectomy, or even get the graft replaced, if they cannot get it flowing properly.

Hope that this helps.:wink2:

This helps tons!!! I searched the web and found all sorts of conflicting info. and my Med/Surg books fail to mention this type of cath. I just hate walking into a setting only to have that "deer in the headlight" look on my face when I see something new...and this patient is suppose to have faith in me? Oh please....now I understand why this type of cath is placed and the rest should follow what I know.

Again thanks for the information...:kiss

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