Tertiary Intention Case study


I am working on a case study for a man who had an appendectomy and is healing by tertiary intention. One of the questions asks about possible complications, so far I have fever, wound bleeding and infection. Am I going in the right direction or is there anything else??

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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You're on the right track. Is fever a potential complication, or is it a symptom of a complication (infection)?

How about pain? Does this patient have any co-mordities that might delay wound healing? (Do some research on diseases/conditions that delay healing.)

Do you know what healing by tertiary intention means? That might give you some other ideas.

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there's another thread where the advice is to look back at work that's already been done, rather than sit around and try to think of it de novo (from the beginning). anybody who has a case study to do (and that would be, ummm, everyone in nursing school?) should take that advice to heart.

when i pull out my handy-dandy nanda 2009-2011 and look in the individual section headers, i come up with approximately a bazillion potential nursing diagnoses for someone in this pickle. give that a shot and pick the most important ones. impress your faculty and pick six if she only wants four.


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Thank you! Very helpful advice!!!:)