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I am a licensed practical nurse. I made a medication error and was suspended then terminated after an investigation. I was informed that the error had to be reported to the board of licensing. Should I try to resign instead of being terminated and I want to try to avoid loosing my license. What should I do and If I need a lawyer, what kind do I need?

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I think it's too late to resign if you have already been terminated. Resigning won't prevent a report to the BoN if it's a mandated incident. Not all incidents require action by the BoN depending on the seriousness level of the incident, if patient harm occurred.

Contact your professional malpractice/liability carrier. If for some reason you chose not to have a personal policy, you need a license defense attorney. (IMHO everyone should maintain personal professional malpractice/liability coverage. It costs ~$100/year and is exactly for incidents like this).

You can secure a referral from the American Association of Nurse Attorneys referral service at http://www.taana.org

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