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  1. I am a Nashville Paramedic and my daughter is a senior at a local high school. She wants to be a Nurse Practioner and has already been accepted to UT Knoxville and Tennessee State University. She wants to go to TSU and I am trying to talk her into UT. I feel that she would get a much better education at UT. We have visited the UT campus and plan to visit TSU in April. Please share any thoughts or experences on either college.
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  3. by   lynnintn
    I am a Vandy grad, but do know that UT has a very good program (I know some UT grads; they are excellent nurses). I don't know much about TSU's nursing program, however. Also, MTSU's nursing program has an excellent reputation but is difficult to get into due to so many applicants.


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  4. by   newlpn2806
    Have you checked out Bethel College in McKenzie, TN.? I have heard they have an excellent nursing program. Good Luck.

  5. by   eltrip
    I'm a TSU grad from their BSN program. Good program. It prepared me to learn quickly when I was hired into a nursing position. The clinical experiences were the biggest drawback. I am hopeful that in the 12 years since I graduated, these have improved.

    But honestly, for the best clinical experiences, she needs to get a job as a CNA in a teaching hospital.
  6. by   joy1181
    I recently graduated from TSU fall 2005 and unfortunately the clinical experience has not changed any. I would suggest for her to visit both and ask questions and then make the best choice. My class started out with around 50 and only 11 graduated...
  7. by   doodlebags
    I don't know the specifics as to where you want to locate to in TN, but King College in Bristol, TN has a even better program than East Tennessee State University. ETSU is located in Johnson City, TN. approximately 35 miles from King, which like I said is located in Bristol TN. You can read about their excellect curriculum http://www.king.edu
  8. by   smadar
    I'm gonna be going to volstate in the fall and i'm applying to tsu in 08 probably. Anyway, just wanted to let you know that you can take all of the classes for tsu at volstate also. They have teacher from tsu come and teach the classes. Anyway it's just a thought to look into it.
  9. by   MaleRNstudent21
    UT in Memphis TN all the way baby! UT is very respected here in Memphis for medical field students. We have some of the best programs in TN. I believe we are the first also to have a CRNA program in TN. I plan to go to UT in Memphis in the near future. Okay maybe I like it so much since its across the street from my home,lol. Also they have the best clinical training in one of the largest learning hospitals in Memphis. I would strongly suggest UT.

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