Volunteer State - Nursing Acceptance Letters???

  1. Does anyone know when we will start hearing about who is accepted into the Vol State/TSU program?? Has anyone received theirs yet???
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  3. by   abrainerd
    Ok, I called Vol State. They will be sending the letters mid to late April. Another month of waiting. Anyone else waiting???
  4. by   abrainerd
    So there is noone on here trying to get into the Vol State/TSU program? I have heard there are over 200 applicants for the 40 spots. . . . anyone???
  5. by   nikkicommander
    I am currently trying to get into the program...I'm concerned about my GPA, though. Does anyone know what the lowest accepted GPA typically is? I know that they will accept a minimum of 2.75, but what is realistic?
  6. by   abrainerd
    I am not sure that there is a minimum. From what I 'hear', they look at all the overall scores of the NET, GPA, class grades and probably put them in highest to lowest order and then pick the top ones. I have also heard that the more co-requisites you have would help too. I don't know how accurate this is.

    Good luck to you.
  7. by   abrainerd
    Well, I have a 3.8 gpa, all pre-requisites completed, all co-requisites except Microbology, did average on the NET and didn't get in. Anyone else heard if they got in yet? I would like to see what the stats are for people who have been accepted to see if I want to reapply next year.
  8. by   MamaG
    What a fiasco with the application process for TSU program! My application was turned in on time and complete just like everyone elses. Unfortunately, despite my 3.86 GPA and all General Ed classes complete [did I mention that I've been an LPN for 11 years?] ~ I failed to receive any letter of acceptance or rejection. It was only after several messages & emails to the main campus that I found out that I was left out by mistake. At which point, it was too late to get in because all of the slots were taken. I met with TSU's faculty and was subsequently put on the alternate list. Thankfully, I was notified yesterday that there was a slot available at Vol State - which I took. Out of the mouth of TSU's own faculty - the application and notification process was fumbled for this Fall, 2007 class. It doesn't instill a great deal of confidence in the system if you ask me. I'm thankful for the 2nd chance, though. Persistance pays!