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    I'm looking at relocating after graduation and I was looking for information about Vanderbilt and specifically their Trauma Unit. I want to go into Critical Care (or possibly ER/Trauma) and then eventually I'd like to look at pursuing CRNA. I used to work as a tech in a level I ED and one of our nurses went to Vandy and toured their ED and Trauma ICU and just raved about it. I was hoping to talk to someone who had some first hand info.

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    I work at Vanderbilt Chidren's Hospital. I worked at Vanderbilt Medical Center before going to the chidren's hospital. I graduate from nursing school in May. I am assuming you are as well. I heard from some of my classmates, who also work at Vanderbilt that the trauma unit will be hiring new grads in a sort of residency program. I know the adult emergency department is going to be doing this. You can go to Go to medical center. Go to the job line, and all the open positions are posted. You can call the nursing recruitment at 1-800-288-6622, and talk to them. I will say that Vanderbilt is the best in this area for trauma. It is the only level 1 trauma center in the area, as well. They have good benefits and a good tuition reimbursement for attending graduate school at Vanderbilt University if you are intersted in a master's. After 5 years of service, they will pay for your children's education, which is really nice. I hope this helps. If you have any more questions post, or email me at the private account on allnurses.