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Hi everyone! I wanted to see if anyone here was either currently in or applying to any locations for Union University SON. I will be happy for any information that can be given. Thanks everyone... Read More

  1. by   beautiful901
    I received a conditional acceptance as well. I am completing anatomy and physiology now. Have u heard back
  2. by   soon2bnurseV
    Hello all, I am applying to UU as a second degree major for the accelerated program. Being that they are counting the last 60 hours of college course work I am not sure what my GPA is but the min. was a 3.0. They also stated that they give considerations to those that have completed A & P I and II with labs. I have completed both A & P's with lab and everything has been submitted. I am freaking out and a nervous wreck. Anyone that has been accepted or waiting to be accepted care how they got accepted, please just need some encouragement. Thanks
  3. by   beautiful901
    They take into consideration your gpa and how well you do on the interview. There is the TEAS test you take the day of the interview. The interview was easy but make sure you know your personal statement.
  4. by   soon2bnurseV
    Thanks Beautiful901 if you dont mind sharing what was your GPA and TEAS results..Is there a score requirement for the TEAS?
  5. by   beautiful901
    Quote from soon2bnurseV
    Thanks Beautiful901 if you dont mind sharing what was your GPA and TEAS results..Is there a score requirement for the TEAS?
    Sorry, im late responding. My GPA for undergrad was a 3.4 and grad school was 4.0. There is not a specific score for the TEAS but you can purchase the study guide to get an idea of the type questions. I did not do as well as I could have, I scored 70%. I suggest getting the study guide and actually studying, don't do like me and say oh I remembered this lol. If you have a good GPA and your interview goes well you should be ok. Have you heard back from the school?
  6. by   soon2bnurseV
    The last call I got from them was that they were waiting on another transcript. I kinda sent my application in late and she did inform of that; however she did say that since they have not started processing yet as of last week of March that I still may have a chance of my application getting viewed. She also told me that once they start processing/viewing the applications that I would receive two emails one stated if or if not I was accepted and the other would be instructions for if you got accepted. I think thats what she told me. Oh yeah I accepted your friend request. I am really praying that I get accepted because I would rather goes this route. I feel a little confident for some odd reason.
  7. by   beautiful901
    I can't respond to that message yet....I have not posted 15 things so its deactivated. Anywho, she told you right. Although I applied to Gtwn im sure jackson is the same. They did take my grad school GPA into account and asked about my program of study during the interview. Have you gone to preview day? They answered alot of questions and mentioned ppl with high GPA would be considered first along with a well written essay. What class are you applying to
  8. by   beautiful901
    Confidence is a good thing! I questioned myself until I went to preview day. That gave me ALOT of hope. I registered for that before I received my interview confirmation. I will say that after taking the TEAS I was very doubtful, but after looking at my score and realizing that I ranked in the middle I was ok. Make sure you turn in everything. Have your recommendations arrived
  9. by   soon2bnurseV
    I am applyig to the Germantown Campus also. Yes I have submitted everything. About two weeks ago they call me about one of my transcripts they have not received. I have already taken A &p I and II with labs I hope this help to get me in also. Do they have preview day at the Germantown Campus I did not see it on the UU website
  10. by   beautiful901
    Sorry if you r getting duplicate messages but its telling me I ca t reply to the inbox. The last preview day was in Jan but if they don't have one in the summer it may be in dec. Or u may can call Wendy to ask or she can give u some info. I hope everything goes well for you and you are accepted. I am ready to begin in August but I know it was will be TOUGH!
  11. by   beautiful901
    Im taking ap now and will be done in the summer. Those were the only pre reqs I needed. Everuthing else either transferred or I take in the fall term.
  12. by   soon2bnurseV
    If I haven't told u congrats on your acceptance I pray that I can get in so that we can be study buddies..my undergrad major was education also. You wouldn't happen to know how many apps or people apply to the accelerated program?
  13. by   beautiful901
    They gave a vague answer as in" we get hundreds of applicants" out of the hundred they may admit about 30. I know they don't admit hundreds because the class sizes are kept small which is a good thing. Someone that is actually in the program will hopefully read our responses and clarify things. Thank you for the congrats and I say remain prayful and things will work out. It would be great to have a stud buddy and some extra motivation! ! It was about 100 ppl registrar for the last preview day but about half showed. Out of the number there no one had mentioned submitting paperwork or an interview. I felt l