Union University Fall 2018 ABSN Applicants

  1. Hi! I was just looking on here to see if there are any applicants for Union for Fall 2018. If so, has anyone been accepted yet, and to which campus?
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  3. by   MEJAC
    Also any information from prior students from the Germantown campus is greatly appreciated! Including safe/affordable places to live near the campus!
  4. by   nurse2bnoob101
    I got into the Jackson campus. Anyone familiar? What was total cost of tuition, room and board? It starts kind of late for what I want which is in August I believe. I want something sooner.
  5. by   nurse2bnoob101
    Hello I got into this program. However it's a religious school and I'm athiest. That is the biggest issue for me not attending this school atm. Anyone not religious go to this school would like to hear your experience.
  6. by   KatherynRiceAllen
    I'm applying for the Fall term at the Jackson Campus but am still taking Pre-Reqs this semester and Summer term. I'm taking Microbiology at Union and I am so extremely impressed!! This is definitely the best college I've ever attended.
  7. by   KatherynRiceAllen
    I am in school at Union now and yes it's a religious school but I can't imagine it would be an issue with you being athiest. Are you from the area? If so, then you already understand the "Bible Belt". I would be surprised if you had any issues. The school is absolutely amazing so far, our professors are impressive!
  8. by   KatherynRiceAllen
    I attend classes at the Jackson campus right now. I live in a different town though so I'm not sure about room and board. Tuition for the Nursing program is $590 per credit hour. I read something like "it's a good idea to plan on spending about $7500 for everything else". Not sure if that includes room & board, textbooks, etc. or not. The tuition at Union is extremely expensive but the $590 is about 1/2 of their normal rate for other classes...
  9. by   emt469
    I'm attending the Hendersonville campus for Fall 2018! I'm moving from New York so I'm not too familiar with the area, does anyone have any info about the area/ program? It also seems like the school is rather strict religiously, is this true?
  10. by   mmaee
    Hi, I got accepted into the Fall 2018 program at Germantown! I'll be new to the area also and wanted to get in touch with someone who is also unfamiliar with the area. Did you find a location that you might be interested in?
  11. by   MEJAC
    Hi mmaee! We actually are moving into midtown memphis this next month. we are kinda taking a gamble renting sight unseen, but i got a good idea of the area based on maps and forums on citydata. Theres some good suggestions for safe and affordable places around germantown on there. Good Luck with your search for a place! Can't wait to meet all our cohort!
  12. by   jordanalexa183
    The Hendersonville campus doesn't hold chapel like their main Jackson campus. I've attended several Christian schools both for high school and undergraduate studies and from my experience, Union is the least strict. I've had a few teachers pray before class begins and the Bible is discussed at times, but it isn't crazy.
  13. by   jordanalexa183
    Hi! I have been accepted for fall 2018 at Hendersonville campus as well.
  14. by   emt469
    Quote from jordanalexa183
    Hi! I have been accepted for fall 2018 at Hendersonville campus as well.
    Congrats on the acceptance! It sounds like you're familiar with the area, do you have any tips about Hendersonville and good areas to live? I'm moving from out of state so I'm not familiar with the area at all.