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Hello All, I was just wandering is there anyone else out there applying for the Fall 2013 Cohort at Union University Germantown Campus.... Read More

  1. by   TWebster24
    I forgot to mention I already have my bachelors from the University of Memphis in Health Administration!
  2. by   Amcanarn
    I think you have a good chance, especially with your more recent grades in Anatomy. By the way, I take microbiology next semester. Do you think that it will replace the microbiology course in the nursing curriculum? Also when will Union make us take the TEAS, if we're accepted?
  3. by   TWebster24
    I have no idea about either of those things. Since Micro isn't a pre-req they require, we may be able to earn credit for already taking it (I'd like to take it over anyway since I made a C). I was only able to take 2 courses this summer due to a lack of funds and chose to retake my A&Ps. I've also wondered myself about the TEAS exam. It says nothing about it on their website but I have seen several mentions of it in other people's posts. Maybe it was a different nursing program at Union or maybe it was for the people without a previous bachelors degree. I did notice most of the posts I saw that mentioned the TEAS exam were a little older. I guess it's possible they don't require it anymore? I would think they would make sure to put that in their admissions checklist. I don't think they would wait to spring that on people at the last minute but I could be wrong. It also says nothing about interviews. Let me know if you hear anything else! I'm so anxious to hear something! I received a phone call from the woman in admissions on Wednesday saying they received my application and to allow 3-5 business days to process it then I would get an email!
  4. by   livelovelearnRN
    Hi Tpayne!, i think u have a good chance also!! I am soo anxious for u guys to tell me yall have been accepted!!
  5. by   livelovelearnRN
    @georgiapalgal i believe that for the first session, u can have up to 7 hours transferred over so u dnt have to take those classes i.e. i dont have to take stats or developmental psych that first session bc those credits have transferred. Theyve already sent me a letter detailing this. And i dont think we have to take TEAS anymore.
  6. by   TWebster24
    I am so anxious to hear something!!! I can't wait!! I am so nervous!
  7. by   Amcanarn
    That's great! I'm so excited too!!!! I was told that I should get an email later this week, as well. Good luck!
  8. by   soon2bnurseV
    Hello everyone hope you guys enjoyed the Thanksgiving Holidays....i just want to tell you guys to keep the faith....I was listening to a minister yesterday. I was teaching about talking yourself out of your blessings. He said sometimes we say negative things about things we want to accomplish, achieve, want, need in life that intercepts with the positive. He said if you speak negatives you get negative results and vice versa with positive. So future students tell yourself that you are already accepted into this program and let God do his work.
  9. by   TWebster24
    Has anyone heard anything yet?! I'm so excited to hear from y'all!!! I'm still waiting!
  10. by   Amcanarn
    Nope I am hoping tomorrow. Luckily my finals are keeping me from staring at my inbox.
  11. by   livelovelearnRN
    soon2bnurseV, that is very encouraging. I am ALL ABOUT being positive and i believe being positive allows positive things to attract to u. I also believe that everything happens for a reason. Its only up from here!
  12. by   soon2bnurseV
    Thanks, alg1991 You are absolutely right. Everything does happen for a reason and that is my belief as well...its only a few of us on this site and have acknowledge that we have applied I'm sure there are many others who have applied but maybe this is the way it's suppose to be....this will be our groupBe patient TPayne311 n due time your prayers will be answered.
  13. by   Amcanarn
    soontbnursev, thanks for the encouragement on rough days it is easy to see our lives as falling apart, but we have a fresh start ahead of us. life is what we make of it and i've been trying to make mine more positive.