Tri-cities area??

  1. I will be temporarily moving to TN. Which agencies have the best reupation? Which have the worst? I'm not familiar with the agencies I have talked with so far. Any advice about working in the area? I have family there and visit frequently so I'm not a total stranger to the area but I don't know any nurses out there or anything about the agencies there. I'm going to start going to interviews next week so I'm hoping for quick replies. Thanks!
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  3. by   navynurse06
    Do you mean temp agencies?
    I tried to work for some temp agencies before I left for the Navy, but they didn't have any jobs for me during that 3 month time period. So I can't really give you much feed back.

    How long will you be in the Tri Cities?
  4. by   SDALPN
    I do mean home health agencies. I will be there for at least 6 months but I doubt permanantly (never say never). I've talked to a few companies who have work, one sounds very promising. Only 1 gave me the run around which tells me they don't have anything but they want my application just in case. The JC paper had a few ads from the agencies so it seems there is work available.
  5. by   ampippin
    I have worked for Medical Staffing in the past but I dont know if they are still in the area. A few of my coworkers have also worked with At-Work with good results. Good Luck and welcome to Tri-Cities.