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  1. Is there anyone on here applying for the OCT 2011 LPN PROGRAM @tt covington.
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  3. by   DFLOWERS
    Yes, I am trying to get into the Oct. LPN program at Tennessee Tech Center at Covington. I took my Compass test April 1, just waiting to recieve a letter to let me know If I'm in the top precentile. How about you?
  4. by   pcarter2324
    Yes, I took and past both parts back in Dec. I am also waiting for the letter, have you heard any bad things about the program. I am a local memphian and the tn center here sucks and they dont offer the nights and weekend program.
  5. by   DFLOWERS
    I have not heard any bad things about covington program. I am also from Memphis, and will be taking the long drive in the evening to Covington. How was the compass test for you, and what were your scores? Have you heard anything about how the lpn program is set up for nights?
  6. by   pcarter2324
    I actually have heard all good things about this program nothing bad. My boss took the evening weekend class granted it was like 10 years ago but she just loved it and recommended it for me. The compass test was ok for me I passed the math the with a 72 and reading and 86. I actually was so excited when I passed the math part on the first try because I am not the best in math. How was it for you and what were your scores?
  7. by   DFLOWERS
    It was ok, on the math I didn't study for some of the math questions, they kept getting harder. The reading was easy. Math 63, Reading 92
  8. by   pcarter2324
    Yeah thats the way its designed the more you get right the harder they get. Well hopefully we will be hearing something in 2 weeks. I called and ask will the letters still be going out June 1, and they answered yes. If i dont get into this program and Im not sure what im going to do. I am so ready to get started and get done. So far the only person that has responded to any of my post have been you on this site.
  9. by   rachie_roo
    Is admission to Tennessee Tech's LPN program based solely on COMPASS scores? I've taken all my nursing prereqs and hoping for admission to Memphis's BSN program but I'm looking at TTC as a possible option.
  10. by   pcarter2324
    Yes, they pick you based on your compass scores!
  11. by   krjones745
    I checked my mail this morning and recieved a letter from covington stating that I was in the top percentile and about meeting for orientation! yayyyy Oh and I also recieved a letter from TTC @ Memphis and I got accepted... I am so excited!
  12. by   pcarter2324
    whoo hoo! that makes 3 of us so far dflowers got in to the covington program. Whick one are you going to go to?
  13. by   pcarter2324
  14. by   DFLOWERS
    I recieved my letter this week also, and I will be going to orientation in Aug. for the evening program at covington.