TN TECH 2011 - page 2

I tested for the covington center. Does anyone know when they will be sending acceptance letters out.... Read More

  1. by   krjones745
    Staci5 email me at so I can send you my number through email because it wont let me direct msg you..
  2. by   pcarter2324
    Hey krjones,

    I was just reading thru some old post who did you interview with to get in the program. I never interviewed just tested and got my letter.
  3. by   krjones745
    I interviewd for TTC memphis and I interviewed with the Director of the program
  4. by   staci5
    dats good. I knw whn class start we will need our money for our books and we get our refund 45 days after class. dey don't get help from the career center nomo
  5. by   pcarter2324
    Oh, ok! I thought maybe I had missed something just so excited about starting! @ staci5, i didnt no the career center no longer helped that sucks, but I went ahead and filled out my financial aid forms like a month ago just in case I got in and it stated I may be eligible for a pell grant, if not I may have to take out a loan.