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    I am currently a RN in FL and got a job offer in TN. I applied for TN RN by endorsement and submitted my application on 2/16. Ever since my status just says "open". I called today to confirm that is normal and he said normally if it says open on my end and "application processing" on their end. My employer had said earlier today that she sees it says application pending" also. My question is, does it REALLY usually take 6 weeks for approval? I was supposed to start orientation on March 19 or April 2nd. Now I'm worried it won't be approved for either date so I'm hoping to get feedback on whether it really takes a full 6 weeks. We are in the process of buying a house and now the lender is giving me a hassle if I don't start on the 19th, 4 days before we are supposed to close on the house. I'm so worried. Anyone go through this and have an estimated time frame from experience? I've seen 4 to 6 weeks but then the guy said 6 weeks. Thank you!
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  3. by   chare
    Does your FL license grant multi-state privileges? If so, you should be able to work for 90 days using your FL license after relocating, while your TN license application is being processed.
  4. by   petey4
    I wish. I mean, FL was approved in January to become part of the compact but it doesn't take effect until December of 2018. So right now, no.
  5. by   petey4
    No. FL was approved to become part of the compact but it doesn't take effect until December 2018.
  6. by   petey4
    I take back my other responses. Apparently FL is as of January 19 a part of the compact however I would have had to have applied for the compact license and it still takes 30 days to approve. I'm supposed to start work in TN on March 19 so that doesn't help me any now, although would have been nice to know that last month.
  7. by   HannahMarine30
    I too was wondering this. I submitted my license application on the 17th of March and mailed off my fingerprints on the 19th.

    Does anyone have any idea on the timeline? I have my license in both MA and CT so it's somewhat frustrating that the system isn't more streamlined.

    I can't imagine it would take the full 6 weeks per the website but stranger things have happened.
  8. by   petey4
    O I got my issue specifically straightened out. My issue was that when I did the application for TN I did not yet have an address to use it TN. So my primary residence was listed as FL. Because FL is a compact state but I had a single state license I was not eligible due to my primary residence being FL. So I called and gave the TN board the address of the house in TN I was buying. I also slightly begged them to push my application through. She said it does take 5 to 6 weeks normally but she was able to get mine pushed through.