Tennessee Tech Hartsville, TN (TTCH) Fall 2013 LPN Program- anyone signing up on here

  1. Any other hopefuls for the LPN program at Hartsville TN Tech this fall? The deadline for apps was Friday (06/07/13) and I got mine in. Anyone interested in carpooling from Hendersonville or Gallatin?

    Wanna be a male nurse; halfway there already - I'm a male!
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  3. by   readyforachangenow
    I'm thinking of applying for next spring. Do you know how competitive it is?
  4. by   aTOMicTom
    No sorry I don't... the admissions guy whom I spoke to is really easy to talk to, his name is Kevin Harrison.

    I emailed him and asked when they would make the announcement and have not heard back; it's been three days. I may need to call him. every time I've called he answers his phone - no voice mail. He's probably really busy now because the app deadline was the seventh of June.
  5. by   aTOMicTom
    Accepted! Got the letter today!
  6. by   readyforachangenow
    Congrats! I talked to someone that knows alot of people that went through that program. I may be applying for may.
  7. by   readyforachangenow
    What were your compass scores? I called today to get information on deadline dates. I didn't realize their program started in January not May like I thought. I guess the Nashville one is the one that starts in May.
  8. by   aTOMicTom
    The one Im going to starts Sept 2.
    I cant recall my score but the guy said they were "really high". Sorry to brag ...
    one was 99 the othsorry i am on my "smart" phone and cant really backspace well.

    I'll ask the ratio of applicants to accepted when I talk to them...
  9. by   aTOMicTom
    The name has now changed to "TCAT" for Tennessee College of Applied Technology. I went to orientation yesterday. There are about forty students and fifteen alternates by my estimate, I think five guys and mostly not real young people, I'd guess the average age to be 25-30 if you don't count the really old people like me (49).
    I did ask how many apply and how many get turned down, they said they had no way of knowing because it is all according to the COMPASS scores; so they essentially accept the fifty or so highest scorers.

    What I was trying to say in my previous post above is I scored a 99 in reading and a 88 in math and they said that was extremely high. I just took my time in a big way and read and re-read the problems and answers. The reading part was ridiculously easy because the paragraphs that the questions are asked about are right there for you to reference! The math was pretty tricky. It's giving me a headache thinking about it. The one good thing about both sections was there are only four or five questions if you keep getting them right. My understanding is the computer adjusts the test according to your answers, so individual tests will vary.