Taking NURS Classes as a non-nursing Major at University of TN Knoxville

  1. Through a convoluted twist of fate, I am ending up back living with my parents an hour west of UTK. I'm 25 and already have a BA in English (3.9) and want to enter an ABSN program in a different state in 2014. Eventually I want to be a psychiatric nurse practitioner and give therapy and med management to patients in private practice.

    Anyway, I almost had a double major in pysch and English back in the day, and I thought it would be good and look good to have a BA in psych if I'm wanting to go into psych nursing. So, while I'm living with my folks for a year, I was going to re-enroll and get the second BA. However, the school I'm looking at for my ABSN has two requirements that are either hard to find or that I don't want to take at a community college: pathophysiology and pharmacology.

    My question is this. While I'm taking the 18 credits (gonna take 30 overall, as per requirement for a degree) I need for the psych BA, do you think they'd let me take these two classes? They are done by the NURS program and I imagine would need special permission, but, as they do not require clinicals, I was hoping excepts are sometimes made. Does anyone have any feedback on this? I've sent in questions to admissions, but I'm a little antsy so I thought I'd ask you folks.

    Thank you for your time.
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  3. by   delawaremalenurse
    if the courses are done through the nursing program I doubt there would be any available seats for someone not matriculated into the nursing program...but you can always ask