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  1. I'm re-entering the nursing field after a long break. I'm going to be
    contacting agencies and facilities soon.

    I need advice on what to put in the expected salary range part of the application. Last time I worked, (I'm an LPN) I made in the 11-14 dollar range (that was 8 years ago.) What can I expect now?

    I realize that I will make less than someone with current expirence, but don't
    want to settle for much, much less!

    Please help! Thanks in advance.


    edited to add that I am 40 miles outside of Nashville and will be seeking employment in the Nashville area. Thanks again!
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  3. by   llg
    I've always left that part of applications blank -- and no employer has ever objected to that. When asked directly, I always say that I am more concerned that the compensation of the job reflect the responsibility in relation to other jobs at the same institution than I am about a specific figure. Is the pay fair in light of how my position will compare with others?

    Good luck,
  4. by   karatcake
    Hi LLG,

    Thank you for your reply. I think I'll take your advice and just leave it blank.

  5. by   mgahdavis
    I have always been told to put pay is negotiable and to never leave anything blank on an application. You can put NA for not availiable in other blanks.
    Good luck
  6. by   Jo Dirt
    I always write in "negotiable".