Possibly move to Kingsport

  1. I am considering moving to Kingsport, TN, and was wondering if anyone could tell me what the CICU unit at Wellmont Holston Valley is like. Are there any staffing issues? Also. are the cardiologists and surgeons good to work with or are there problems there? List positive and negative as an overall unit. What about Johnson City Medical Center? Thanks!
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  3. by   prinzessdy
    I dont know much about holston valley's CICU, but I do know that JCMC has a very good unit. 3 Students out of my class just got hired on to the CVICU. I heard that the manager is really really nice and that was 2 of the students first choice. I did my clinical there and I agree that the staff was really nice. I was getting pulled every different direction by nurses that wanted to show me interesting cases. They wanted me to see different things and get as much experience as possible even tho they knew that I did not want to work in the adult ICU.