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Nurse-Patient ratios in Tennessee - page 2

I overheard a discussion today between two employees (non-clinical) about nursing wages, meeting the "market" on hourly wages versus nurse-patient ratio. We discussed the issues faced by our... Read More

  1. by   tnbutterfly
    I agree that this type of ratio is not safe for the healthcare staff or the patients.

    The ANA has launched a new web site dedicated to the issue of safe staffing. The site not only educates nurses about ANA's history on this issue, but also provides updates on the newest information and developments and gives nurses tools to get involved.

    The site allows nurses to share their own stories and concerns and invites them to help strengthen the case for safe staffing legislation by completing a survey. This site gives nurses a stronger voice and empowers them to take an active role in impacting their workplace environment.

    Here is the link to this informative website:

  2. by   chilipulse
    Given the nurse shortage in TN, I am wondering what the nurse/patient ratios are today? I work in a rehab facility which is now taking post-surgical patients, j-tubes, PEG's, iv's, post trauma's, start iv's, blood draws, etc. The L.P.N.'s are assigned the patient care, with one RN charge. On occasion, we may have 13 patients with 4 RNTs. LPN's are expected to do total care. Isn't there some regulation as to what constitutes an unsafe assignment?
  3. by   chilipulse
    I am aware of ANA's representation of RN's nurse/patient ratio only!! I cannot find an organization representating the LPN's. We seem to be left behind.
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  4. by   eltrip
    Again, thank you all for responding. Next question. Have you noticed higher turnover in facilities/units with nurse: patient ratios that exceed 1:6?
  5. by   wanderlust99
    I know at Vanderbilt the ratios on the floor are 1 to 4, and maybe 1 to 5 if they are very short staffed.
  6. by   eltrip
    Wow! When did that happen? Back on 9 South, it used to be 1:6 on nights & it was increasing to 1:7 if the acuity of the patients was fairly low. This was 10 years ago, of course. Magnet status may have changed things a bit.
  7. by   DemarsGirl
    When I worked the floor at Vandy in Nashville, it was 1-5 on short nights and 1-4 on a good night for a unit with 28 pts and I was there til May of this year.
  8. by   sholman
    I work in a long-term care facility that is dually certified for skilled patients. I am an LPN 7a-7p. My case load generally consists of 25 patients mixed between intermediate care and skilled care patients. Our facility is split into wings, so on my wing there is another LPN that works with me that also cares for 25 patients for a total of 50 with patient care being split between 4 to 5 technicians for days, 3 technicians for evenings & nights. More than half of my patients at this time are skilled care there to reveive therapy for various surgeries and such. Needless to say, most days i come home and have not sat down once throughout the entire day, lucky if even to have inhaled a bite to eat and multiple times realized...omg i haven't even stopped to use the BR all day!
  9. by   Murse901
    Not sure if you're just venting or if you're asking about the normal ratios in TN. The last time I tried scouring Tennessee Code Annotated, I could not for the life of me find any law or statute regarding a maximum number of patients in LTC.

    I was always told that you could not legally be assigned to more than 30 patients in LTC, but I was once assigned 40. Once. Never went back.

    I guess it's just up to what the facility's risk management feels they can get away with. Don't let poor management decisions risk your license.
  10. by   listentomerock
    Hey. I work on the neuro stepdown unit in middle TN. We have just up'ed our ratios to 5:1. We were 4:1. To be quite honest, I don't know how many more nurses are going to stay. I am trying to get an idea on how other hospitals are doing and team nursing ideas. My co-workers are struggling and there have been days when I didn't leave til 10pm.
  11. by   jcpenados
    hello guys. I plan to endorse my CA license to TN...any idea of the duration? thanks..

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