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  1. Hi, New to the forum...I completed my pre-req's this summer(at MTSU) (already have a degree, used to be a teacher) and will be applying to Aquinas and MTSU nursing programs in the next few weeks. Have heard that MTSU is very picky on admittance, not sure if I'll get into to either (GPA from 15 years ago was not so good). Wondering if anyone out there has been in either program? Any words of wisdom on either school? (hopefully I'll be admitted to one or both!)MTSU was/is been my first choice, but lately I have been hearing negative things about the program...
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  3. by   PICUFL
    I currently attend Aquinas College and have nothing to say but good things about it! The instructors are very strict on their nursing students and it shows because Aquinas has a very good reputation for their nurses. I have never been in a school where the teachers truly care about you as much as they do at Aquinas. Eventhough Aquinas is a two year program, they are looked at as being one of the top nursing school in TN. I work in a hospital and every time I mention that I go to Aquinas for nursing I get the BEST reaction!
    I have heard that MTSU isn't a bad school to go to for nursing but is is really hard to get into. It is hard to get into because it is the cheapest BSN program you will find in TN!!! If you do not have around a 3.5 GPA and about a 22-25 on your ACT then you might reconsider taking classes to boost your GPA to get in. Which ever school you get into, it isn't so much the reputation that gets your the "good nurse" title but what you put into it. I have heard that when you take your first job as a nurse it feels like you are back in school all over again! Good luck to ya! - PICUFL
  4. by   mell
    Thanks for your perspective! I am hoping that I can get into both programs and have the luxuary to "choose." Aquinas will be a much longer drive for me, so I am trying to look at all the positives of both programs. So far the only negative about Aquinas I can see is the distance (for me). I have been taking pre-reqs for the past 2 semesters and done well in those and am hoping that those grades will boast my chances of admission.
    Thanks again! good luck to you in completing your degree! What type of nursing job are you hoping to find when you are finished?
  5. by   SlavicNurse
    In the Nashville area, Columbia Motlow and TSU have the highest first time pass rates for the NCLEX for ADN programs (92%, 97% and almost 96%). Aquinas had the second lowest first time pass rate in the state for 2005 (< 85%).

    MTSU hails a near 95% first time pass rate for baccalaureate programs
  6. by   PICUFL
    Where did your get those stats? I find that very hard to believe in that TSU is on the verge of losing their accrediation!
  7. by   mell
    hmmm, don't know about the other places, but the stats I had for MTSU were 89% for last year, which didn't worry me terribly but their percentage has been steadily going down each year since 1997.
  8. by   SlavicNurse

    From the Tennessee BON website.

    I don't know anything about TSU losing their accredidation. Their ADN program has a near 96% first time pass rate...their BSN pass rate seems to be significantly lower.

    MTSU has actually steadliy risen the last 3 years in 2003 86.67 first time nclex pass rate, 2004 90.48 and 94.59 last year.
  9. by   mell
    ok, according to the following page:
    MTSU has been up and down on their scores. Not trying to debate this point to death, just looking at the fact that it is difficult to get reliable info on this stuff.
  10. by   SlavicNurse
    Actually, my data and your data are both probably correct. Your data reflects 1997-2002 while the data I linked reflects 2003-2005. I would think that the BON data as well as the school would be accurate.
  11. by   CoolKell10
    I go to MTSU and I'm a first semester nursing student. It is highly competitive...the average ACT and GPA of those accepted is a 25 and a 3.5. There's hundreds of people that apply and they only accept 52 so it's pretty tough. I've heard really good things about the program and so far I'm liking it. Goodluck with nursing school!
  12. by   mell
    Congrats on starting at MTSU! I figure the average cummulative score of the people admitted is 6.3 (w/ ACT score converting to a 2.8). My cummul. is 6.0 so I'm just on the lower side of the range. If they'd expand the program like they keep promising, I think I'd have a better chance! Thanks for writing and good luck.

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