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  1. Hi I'm Emily and I'm completely new to this board. I just couldn't seem to find any answers anywhere else on the internet. Currently I sit with an elderly woman that is 92. I really enjoy my job. I have a friend that is in her last year until she becomes and RN. I really enjoy helping elderly people and the job I do. I want to go get my CNA just to feel like I'm actually doing something that then once this job is over I can go on and contiune doing something like this. I know I get paid rather well, I'm paid 10 dollars an hour to sit with her from 10am-4pm. This is great hours considering I have a child in middle school. I just want to go get my CNA also though.
    I currently live in Estill Springs TN which is very close to Tullahoma TN. I can not for the life of me seem to find a place to get my CNA. I know there is a nursing home in Tullahoma that offers it but people call the nursing home Lifescare Center because it hasn't been known to treats its patiences very well. I do not want to get caught oweing them time if I get my CNA through them.
    Can someone lead me in the right direction for my area please? I know this is long I'm just trying to give all the information I have so it is easier.
    thank you so much in advance,
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