MTSU Fall 2013 applicants - page 2

Deadline is only a few weeks away - roll call! I was accepted for this semester but I have to repeat a prereq and reapply. >:-/ Spent this break licking my wounds and getting ready to tackle this... Read More

  1. by   pre-nurseshan
    I got my call today and sched my interview.
  2. by   ulsoyd
    Me too, I got a call yesterday. Hope we all do great!
  3. by   ulsoyd

    after the interview, do I have to write a thank you letter similar to those in job interviews? I am confused. Any help please?
  4. by   pre-nurseshan
    Ooh I didn't even think of that! I didn't last time...
  5. by   bdb1550
    Yes good luck to everyone! I don't think a thank you letter is necessary because you get your score during your interview. You already have your score so it couldn't really help you with getting in the program. It is a nice gesture though.
  6. by   Yecartem
    I already got my call! Interview tomorrow! Everyone I know finally got their interview also. Some had them last week the rest this week!
  7. by   bdb1550
    Do any of y'all know when we may get our letters in the mail? I know last semester it was the end of October but I wasn't sure about it this time.
  8. by   pre-nurseshan
    IIRC, last year's spring applicants started hearing around the first of April.
  9. by   Yecartem
    I asked today at the end of my interview and they said mid March maybe sooner. They also said we might get it through our email!
  10. by   ulsoyd
    great if they will do it by email. How was your interview?
  11. by   Yecartem
    I was so nervous! It wasn't bad at all. The ladies that interviewed me were SO NICE and made me feel more relaxed! Have you had yours yet? If so how was it?
  12. by   Yecartem
    oh and btw I did NOT get any interview score. They didn't give me anything and I didn't ask haha!
  13. by   ulsoyd
    Mine is going to be on Friday, 22. I am so nervous now, I hope my nervousness will ago away before i go there. For the scores, they do not give them to the interviewees For last semester, i was able to see them when i talked to my advisor.

    I wish you have made it and I wish I can make it too.