Motlow fall 2013

  1. Hey everyone! So I have applied for the fall 2013 semester and was hoping to get in contact with some other hopefuls.... I'm sure we are all feeling the anxiety as the application deadline nears!! I was wondering if anyone would share their gpa and HESI scores... My gpa is only a 3.2 and I got a 92 on my HESI for MTSU and take my test for motlow next month... I look forward to hearing from everyone and good luck!!!
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  3. by   bdb1550
    Hello! I also applied for Motlow's Fall 2013 nursing program. I have a 3.4 GPA and made an 89 on my Hesi. I basically applied for everywhere I could this time (Motlow, MTSU, and Cumberland) so maybe I will have a better chance at getting into a program this year. I have almost all of my gen ed classes completed for my BSN so I would much rather get into a 4 year college but I will take a 2 year program if I have to. Good luck to you!
  4. by   nursinghopeful1028
    Good luck to you as well!! I am hoping to score higher on my HESI this time around to improve my chances.... Where are you currently going to school?
  5. by   nursinghopeful1028
    Good luck to you as well!!! I am hoping to score a little higher on my HESI this time to improve my chances... What school are you attending now?
  6. by   bdb1550
    I am currently going to MTSU but I am applying to MTSU, Motlow, and Cumberlands nursing programs to better my chances of getting into a program this year.
  7. by   Jeepchick97
    I tried to click on the more recent link, but it says I don't have access to a particular page...odd. I am new here. HESI score: 90.4, CGPA: 3.855. Do any of you know when we should be expecting to hear whether or not we got accepted? Also, are any of you planning on taking any classes this summer?
  8. by   nursinghopeful1028
    No summer classes for me... I have taken all the prerequisites and support courses.... I'm hoping we find out this week or at least next week... It's seems like every year is different though! The year before last a girl told me that try didn't find out until the end of April
  9. by   MilliePieRN
    I got in last year and just checked my email date. It was Apr. 5 You guys are getting close... Good luck. There are fewer applicants this year, so you may have a better chance.
  10. by   nursinghopeful1028
    How do you know there are fewer applicants? I like that news lol
  11. by   MilliePieRN
    Messaged you.
  12. by   nursinghopeful1028
    Where did you hear that there are fewer applicants?! That would be amazing!
  13. by   nursinghopeful1028
    Thanks... I posted it again because it wasn't showing that the first one posted
  14. by   nursinghopeful1028
    2bRNFarmer, so your points total was a 700 and you got in last year, correct? mine is a 698 so your score makes me very hopeful!