1. frustrated and disappointed.Can any one in nursing profession out there help us?My step mother has Parkinson's and needs 24 nursing staff.She is currently well enough to return home from hospital again but now has feeding tube,requires LPN. We were using Nurse One but they no longer have enough staff.As a result, she will be sent to nursing home the 26th when Tenncare says it will no longer pay hospital as it not needed.Please if anyone can clue us in to where to turn so my step mom doesn't end up spending her last days in a nursing home away from my father,please let me know,God Bless,Melody
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  3. by   txspadequeenRN
    Well have you tried the area home health agencies. Also, the social worker at the hospital or the agency you use now should be able to contact someone for you that can help you. Then I would turn to the paper there are private duty nurses that work independent that will come out and help you. Home health can also come out and teach you ..the family how to give the feedings and what to look for when doing so. I wish you well, I know how hard it is taking care of elderly parents...Good luck to you.