microbiology online?

  1. Does anyone know of a microbiology class that I could take online that would be accepted into a nursing program in the middle Tennessee area?
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  3. by   MilliePieRN
    I took Rodp Micro online. I went through Motlow, but you can go through MTSU or several other schools. It is the same credit as in class micro.
  4. by   readyforachangenow
    Do you know if all the nursing programs accept it? Do you think it was harder than a traditional class or about the same?
  5. by   MilliePieRN
    I think it is much harder online; but I worked my booty off and made an A--the hardest I've had to work for an A. I don't know about other programs; I am in Motlow's nursing program and they accept it.
  6. by   combsj25
    I also took Micro online, RODP via Columbia State Community College. (Your home school can be nearly any college, university or community college in TN). I found it to be one of the hardest classes I have ever taken. Hindsight being 20-20 I wish I would have taken a traditional class (NOT online) I worked really hard at it, and ended up with an 88%, despite my best efforts for an A. I was taking Lifespan Development (easy) and AP 1 (also hard, but earned an A) at the same time.
    It can be done online. But my advice would be to take a land course if you can - or at least don't overload your semester if you need to take it online.
    HTH and Good Luck
  7. by   combsj25
    Oh and as for schools accepting it - you will need to check specifically everywhere you plan to apply. Most schools will accept online classes, but not all.
    For example, Belmont will not! Vanderbilt MSN prefers it being taken at a 4 year school as opposed to a community college, but will accept online. To put it simply it will vary by program.
  8. by   readyforachangenow
    Thanks for yalls help. I'm planning to take it on campus if possible. I'm not sure how possible it is with my full time job. I'm just considering my options basically. I'm pretty sure motlow takes it I'm not sure about mtsu or cumberland. I'm going to call to find out, I'm trying to plan ahead.
  9. by   bdb1550
    I also took Micro at Motlow. I would suggest taking it on campus if you are really striving for an A. A lot of people really struggle taking it on campus so I couldn't imagine having to take it online. I'm sure it can be done but I think on campus is a better choice. And I have taken a lot of RODP classes and I have transfered to MTSU and Cumberland University and all my classes have transfered.
  10. by   ama3t
    RODP Micro is fine at MTSU. Actually I took that AP2 and Statistics online because I was pregnant and it was fine. I don't think it was harder at all, but I don't think I learned near as much as I would have in a "real" class.