Looking for Roane State students going into 2nd year

  1. I am waiting for my readmit letter to get back in and finish my last year in nursing school. I feel lost because all my friends just graduated, so I'm hoping to touch base with some people here that are at Roane State getting ready to go into second year also. It would be great to know some people from the class of 2010 before August orientation.
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  3. by   kindahl
    Can you tell me what your first year was like as far as your weekly schedule- times of classes and clinicals.
  4. by   beth66335
    Some others that have just gone through first year may answer this, but I will put in my 2 cents as well. First year is Fundamentals of Nursing and Pharmacology first semester. I had class on Monday and Wednesday from 9-3 I believe. Then Tuesday we had lab and Thursday and Friday we have clinicals from 8-2, but that doesn't start the first week. You are about 3-4 weeks in before clinicals start. Second semester was Med/Surg 1 and OB. Class was Monday/Wed again I believe with the clinical days divided 1/2 semester we had 1 clinical day in Med/Surg and one day in lab each week and then lab ends and you have 2 clinical days 1 in OB and 1 in Med/Surg. Clinical days first year are always about 6 hours. My classes were at Oak Ridge so the daily schedule will differ if you attend another campus. Hope this helps!
  5. by   dee78
    They have a group on Facebook.

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