L&D nurse moving from Los Angeles to Memphis

  1. I am moving to Memphis from Los Angeles in July. What type of pay should I expect for one year's experience in L&D? Are there signing bonuses? Student loan payback programs? Continuing education grants? Is the ratio 1:2 for L&D? Which hospitals are best? Any advice or information will be appreciated? I an nervous to leave everything I know here in LA and move to someplace totally new. Thank you!!!!!
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  3. by   Mommy TeleRN
    Methodist is very good -esp Germantown (and actually the main location "University" doesn't do L&D anyway. St. Francis is pretty good - the Bartlett facility is very nice. The main location is staring a renovation so it will be nicer down the road.
    Baptist is a pretty hospital - but considered to have very high nurset ratios from all the agency and former nurses I have ever talked to (plus my classmates who intern there have plenty of stories) not sure how L&D is tho.

    The new grad pay is roughly $21.00 hr with bedside diff. Nights range from 3.75-4.00/hr. Weekends avg about the same. You could probably try for a weekender if you like that type of schedule. Pay avg to roughly $40/hr on a strict weekender program.

    As far as I know all the Memphis hospitals do loan repayments of $250 month. St. Francis is unlimited in how much they pay back..others are up to 9000. I am pretty sure they all pay for continuing education. St. Francis is part of Tenet and I think they have ADN-BSN you can do online for free..otherwise they reimburse at University of Memphis rates.

    Sorry I do not know about the ratio for L&D. I do know in Jackson it's 2:5 ratio in L&D as that is where I did my L&D clinicals.

    I do not know of signing bonuses--- BUT considering you are relocating I would ASK if they pay for relocation. I had checked into that on the other side of the state and was told I could get like 4,000 for moving and could use it for whatever expenses I wished..can't hurt to ask!

    I am sure the pay is much lower than LA of course - but it's the best in our state as far as I'm aware. I think the avg homeprice in Memphis is only around 125,000 so your $ will go much farther.

    I HTH some! Welcome to TN (any reason why Memphis tho?)
  4. by   taylorpup
    Hi MamaAimee,
    I'm also moving to Memphis soon from L.A.!! I will be starting an accelerated BSN program in Memphis & will graduate in Dec. '08. What part of L.A. do you live in? What hospital do you work at in L.A.? Do you know where you're moving to in Memphis yet? Why did you pick Memphis? We're moving to Memphis in about 2-1/2 weeks...it's getting here so fast!
    Talk to you soon,