1. [font=lucida sans unicode]hi all! i work in ltc in knoxville. anyone in that area? :hatparty:
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  3. by   srgmom
    Is LTC long term care?
  4. by   10ACGIRL
    Quote from srgmom
    Is LTC long term care?
    Yes, LTC is Long Term Care.
  5. by   lizLPN
    are you an LPN or an RN, I grew up in knoxvill, and will hopefully be moving back, and will be needing a job. whats LTC pay like? which ones are a must not work at?
  6. by   10ACGIRL
    Your pay really goes by what department you work at in a hospital and what position.In a LTC or ALF, It was about 11-13 per hour for me and when I went to work in a hospital in the PCU (Patient Care Unit),I was doing about 11 something an hour. That department was more like a rehab unit for a nursing home and I hated it. If they were that bad off, they ne4eded to be in a nursing home in order to make room for patients that REALLY neededc those beds instead.
  7. by   LenoreP
    I'm an RN and work on a med/surg floor in Knoxville. I understand from other nurses that LTC is less stressful than hospital nursing. By the way, welcome to Knoxville in any capacity!
  8. by   Southernurse
    Hey guys! I am in Knoxville, new to the area since 10/04. I work at Select Specialty Hospital. What LTC are you at? I like it here, but I miss my beach and the heat. What is neat about this town is how wound up everyone gets about UT, especially the football. I am a Florida State Seminole fan, but I hear as long as I am a Gator Hater I am safe. I must say the nicest people I have ever been in contact with live here! What Southern hospitality really is!

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