Got a couple of questions for Recent Graduates and current Students

  1. I am currently enrolled at Roane State and am hoping to apply for the the nursing program for Fall of 2012. As the time draws nearer, I am working to get things lined up and exams taken so that my application process will go smoothly; however, I am finding that even as I plan now, I seem to be doing so rather late. One of the concerns I have is that I need to take my pre-nursing entrance exam. I have looked at the dates for RSCC, yet they appear to have already passed for this year for taking the pre-exam. Concerned about this, I did a google search and found that the NLN (National League for Nursing) exam can be taken at UT Martin throughout this year and am prepared to schedule for this exam in June. Are there other places that I can take this exam that would be closer? I currently live in Knoxville, TN and am gathering that this exam is a national exam as opposed to isolated to a specific school, yes?

    Next, I just signed up to this site within the past week and have been reviewing the discussion boards. In doing so, I've noticed that some students had been applying to several programs at once, whereas some only applied to one. Naturally, applying to more than one increases the chances that a person will get into a program rather than putting all of ones eggs in one basket. I'm interested in doing so; however, I'm not exactly clear on how one goes about doing this. Any ideas? I've already called and left a message with my advisor. Unfortunately, that was a week ago and I've not heard anything back and am to assume perhaps she is out for the summer. Thank you for taking the time to read this and for any helps you can offer. I greatly appreciate it : ).

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  3. by   dee78
    I'm pretty sure they will post a new list of test dates for the fall/winter. I wouldn't waste the time/money driving across the state to take it. If you want the process to be smooth then you should take it at RSCC.

    You are in Knoxville, there are several options there for you. Look at all of the colleges in the area, look into their nursing programs and figure out which ones will be a good match for you. It can't hurt to apply to more than one, just requires an application fee for each of them. You also want to look at finances, LMU is much more expensive than RSCC.

    Email your advisor, you are more likely to get a quick response.

    Good luck
  4. by   ChristianBranson
    Thanks Dee! I appreciate the advice. I talked with the Dean's secretary. She informed me that they will be scheduling Fall test dates and that I should expect an email alerting me of those dates once they've been scheduled. YAY! I'm just glad I didn't schedule the PAX exam at UT Martin. It turns out that RSCC and a few others schools here, locally, all issue the Hesi A2 exam, so I would have wasted my time and money. As for applying to several programs, I'm working on that now. I talked with PSCC on Friday and will be calling Monday morning to talk to someone in the nursing dept. so that I can look into applying to their program. I've eliminated LMU as an option. I just don't see spending that much money for an education. Instead, I'm going to check Monday on applying to WSCC's nursing program since I attended WSCC years ago. I know they are well known for their nursing program as well. Thanks again for replying back. : )
  5. by   mp2003
    I know you have already found out about the date but just wanted to say that the study guide they sell in the book store is WELL worth it.. especially for the math. It helped me a great deal! PSCC gives a different test that is a little more difficult than the one at roane. just thought i would give you a heads up, i've seen several ppl fail the test because they didnt think those things would be on there! good luck!
  6. by   ChristianBranson
    I appreciate the advice...If you don't mind me asking, what is the name of the review guide? I didn't realize they have one for sell in the bookstore. The review guide I purchased is for the PAX exam which it turns out I will not be taking. While it has a great deal of information, especially with regard to math, I'm concerned I may need something far more in depth. Thanks for your help : ).
  7. by   mp2003
    hesi admission assessment exam review i have the second edition. it helped me out alot. its a light blue and yellow book i would make double sure thats what they will be taking tho because i've heard they change tests every few years.
  8. by   ChristianBranson
    Awesome! Thanks for the tip. I already spoke with them about it and they did say that it would be the Hesi A2. I believe I've seen that book on Amazon. I'll check it out. Thanks again! : )
  9. by   mp2003
    No problem! when i took it, it only covered the math and reading. good luck!