Getting rid of LPN's in Johnson City/Bristol area - Fact or Fiction??

  1. Hello all,

    I'm getting closer to graduation (Aug 2009) and have been doing clinicals at several hospitals, the nurses at one facility stated that they had been told in a staff meeting that one of the tricities hospitals were getting rid of all their LPN's, has anyone else heard this and is it true? I know that Wellmont has laid off several nurses, mostly LPN's and let go or eliminated CNA positions, etc. I had been told for the last 9 months that I would have a job upon graduation, but now my boss said to start looking elsewhere for a job as an LPN job will not be coming open on the floor. She didn't say that they were getting rid of the LPN's, but she did say they were waiting for the results of a staffing study by an outside organization to be completed.

    Could my very own Wellmont be the one turning it's back on LPN's? And if so, any recommendations for the soon to graduate where to find a good LPN job that doesn't pay $10-$11 an hour? Any recommendation as to moving out of the area for work? I know the pay scale in Asheville, NC is much better than here, but you have to pay income taxes, etc there as you don't here.

    I hate the thought of going to school, passing boards and then not finding a job, it's awful.

    Tony in Tn
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  3. by   luv4nursing
    The Dawn of Hope in JC pays 13.50 to 14.50 and LPN jobs are always open in SNFs and tend to pay better. You may consider private duty home health as well. HTH!