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Hey, I was wondering the pros and cons of this program? And opinions of those who are in the program. How long does the program take to complete? Any information would be helpful and much... Read More

  1. by   hilary717
    Thanks you too!
  2. by   cpedigo
    I got accepted to Austin Peay in Clarksville. No I'm going there since I had to commit before hearing from Cumberland. Plus it's cheaper which is nice! Good luck to y'all too
  3. by   chellentn
    I wanted to weigh in on my personal experience with Cumberland University. I did not have a good application process and chose to defer my admission (actually, the nursing department does not allow deferments, so I truly declined and would have to reapply if I wanted to go there the next semester).

    I started applying in March of 2011, and did not have my admission status (from the nursing department) until July. I feel like I fell through the cracks - I left tons of voicemails and emails and very few returned, and very few in a timely manner. I was really interested in getting a tour of the lab facilities, and that was like pulling teeth. I was told "no, the building isn't open, we just can't do that." In higher ed, students (and potential students) are customers making a huge investment. I now attend Belmont and I can't imagine Belmont staff or faculty saying no to a request to see facilities or learn more about the program.

    For those looking for nursing schools, it's a great idea to review the NCLEX pass rates- these are published online in TN through the Board of Nursing. Examine Cumberland's and compare to other schools.

    I did finally get to see the lab facilities, and they are minimal. I know that labs aren't the most important thing in a program, but it was important to me see how much a school invests in its students' learning environments. I also met with one of the nursing professors who taught the night and weekend program. She told me that classes start at 6pm, but they usually wait until all the students are there (usually 6:30pm). Some students out there may appreciate that level of flexibility, however, I am not one of them. If I am paying for instructional time......there should actually be instructional time.

    Class sizes are quite small - I recall I was told about 7-8. So that is great plus. I believe they can secure clinical spots for up to 25, so this means they haven't filled their cohort in the past few semesters. I also think most of their faculty have MSN's, not doctorates. I appreciate doctorate level instructors, and would have liked to see more on staff at CU.

    In conclusion -- in my opinion, CU is an adequate option for evening/weekend nursing program, but only that. You can go there and get a degree from there, and it is the only night/weekend program in the area, so if that is the MAJOR factor for you, CU is a good fit. If it's not, and you can secure admission elsewhere, consider other programs.

    On a side note, I do wish other students who have completed this program could/would weigh in. I've only had the application/admission experience and from that chose not to go.
  4. by   cookie0688
    Hey future nurses! Well, I feel confident on everything but MATH which i am horrible at and very behind? Any clue how to study for it and what kind of conversions and questions will be asked?
  5. by   STA51
    Hi everyone!I'm interested in the CU mt Juliet program. Have any of you attended there? Thanks
  6. by   SouthernPsy
    I just want to offer answers to anyone that might have questions about Cumberland's nights/weekends program for working adults in Mt. Juliet. I have one semester left before graduation, so I have a good understanding of the program.

    I know when I was researching BSN programs, I was frustrated because I could find little info about this program specifically. So, if there is someone out there with questions, feel free to respond or send me a PM, even if it's an extended period of time since this message was posted. Thanks!
  7. by   UTchem11
    I'm hoping you can share your experience with Cumberland University's working adults program. How often do the classes meet at night? what are the clinical schedules like? I'm moving to the area and was really interested in this program but haven't heard any personal opinions about it. Thanks! -Kristen
  8. by   s2bLuluRN
    SoutherPsy, I would certainly love to hear from you on the Mt. Juliet program that CU provides. The Mt. Juliet site for CU is the only midstate program to offer the nights and weekend program which is the only way I am able to complete my BSN since I work and have a family to help provide for. I have heard wonderful things about the traditional program they offer, but I haven't heard from anyone that went through the Mt. Juliet program.