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  1. I was looking online at all the jobs available in Knoxville, because I will be moving back there right after graduation next May. I noticed all of the positions available said 1 or 2 years experience required except for in Roane County. Any other new grads have any insight on this? Should I just apply for the jobs I want next year regardless of what it says? I've looked at UTMC and most of their postings don't say experience required, but I've heard covenant is better to work for. Thanks!
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  3. by   NurseAnnie123
    If you aren't graduating until May, you really don't need to start looking for jobs and applying for jobs until March or April. You are getting all worried because you aren't seeing a lot of new grad opportunities right now, but that will likely change by the time you are ready to start applying.
  4. by   flyfarfaraway
    So there should be more opportunities for new grads with Covenant in the spring?
  5. by   NurseAnnie123
    Absolutely! Think about it - All of the hospitals just hired a bunch of new grads from 2011, so right now they probably cannot handle many more new grads. But by next spring they should be able to handle them again.

    Covenant Health is a great system to work for! UT is good too, but from what I understand they are only hiring BSN grads....
  6. by   roxhannah
    I would apply for anything that doesn't say NO NEW GRADS once it gets later - I was hired at Covenant before my NCLEX. I think I applied once I scheduled my NCLEX or close to graduation. Covenant is a decent place to work and pretty much the main option in Knoxville. I know the reputation of Parkwest is very good.

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