Chattanooga State RN Fall 2012 Hopefuls? - page 4

Hi Everyone! I was wondering if anyone else is applying to get into the RN program at Chattanooga State in 2012. I'm finishing up the pre-requisites this fall. I am really hoping to get in next... Read More

  1. by   rfarris1017
    I haven't heard about any of those teachers but you can find out a a lot about teachers on
  2. by   ss2012
    I tried there first but there wasn't much info on either one. One had a single review and the other had zero, so...I'm back to asking around! lol
  3. by   rfarris1017
    That must mean that they are new instructors. I had that problem trying to get information on some of the instructors I have now. I would ask around at the school.
  4. by   rylandsmom1985
    I have ****** right now for lab and I really like her, she really helps you to understand the coursework. I also find her quizes way easier than my A&PI quizes. hope this helps
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  5. by   ss2012
    I actually registered for her lab, so that makes me feel better. Thanks for the info! I didn't get my letter AGAIN today, and it's seriously making me a little bit crazy!
  6. by   mlauren
    Just thought I'd share with all of you, I talked to my advisor today, and she said that we would have letters by the 17th or 18th. It seems like forever away lol. And I'm getting pretty worried. I was also wondering if anyone could help me figure my teas composite out. I think I made like an 82, averaging my math and reading then averaging those. Does anyone know if that's right?
  7. by   mlauren
    Oh, and there were 400 who applied, 110 accepted! AHHHH!
  8. by   twinsmama
    That sounds like a TEASV score, mine was 84. My overall program points were only 79.25 because my pre-reqs are still in progress So I'm 99.9% sure I didn't get in but i'm curious about the waitlist.

    Gaaaah 2 more weeks? I knew they couldn't have mailed them friday because they would have arrived on monday.
  9. by   rfarris1017
    First off, I talked to the nursing office secretary today and she said that the mailed the letters out this morning. Also, there is no wait list.
  10. by   twinsmama
    Huh weird I thought there was one in previous years. Not one that rolls over, but one where if someone doesn't accept their spot they go to the person with the next highest number that didn't make the first cut.
  11. by   ss2012
    They told us at the Feb. 14th information session that they usually pick a waitlist of about 20 people so that they can fill the spots of those who drop or fail, or maybe don't meet their contingency requirements. Not sure about this particular class, but as of mid-February they intended to choose these "alternates".
  12. by   twinsmama
    Yeah I remember they said there was a year they used every alternate and then other years they used none.
  13. by   ss2012
    I am watching for my mail-lady every day like a crazy person. I wouldn't be surprised if she is scared of me at this point! lol I agree, though, that if they were mailed Friday we would have them by now. So maybe we will get them tomorrow or Thursday. (fingers crossed)