Chattanooga State LPN program - page 2

I'm starting the program in January and I'm receiving a pell grant to pay for tuition and books. Class starts on the 14th but we can't get our books until the 19th. I always buy my books ahead of... Read More

  1. by   michelledmarshall
    How difficult was it to get into the LPN Program? I read there was no pre-reqs for the program, but could someone still get in without taking A&P or Nutrition?
  2. by   dee78
    Yep, but it is so much easier if you are exempt from taking them...that way you can focus on your nursing classes.
  3. by   michelledmarshall
    Thanks Dee for the information! I was also wondering if the LPN program was really competitive? Do most people take the A&P I and II, and Nutrition class? Everyone tells me those classes are difficult, so if I made a C in one would it hurt my chances? Thanks!
  4. by
    LPN is competitive with about triple the apps to spots. One trick I learned was to buy the edition before the latest version of the textbook, or even two editions back. They are dirt cheap and those old texts are the ones the tests are actually from. I used to get so frustrated when a test question did not reflect the latest edition of the book that we were supposed to buy for big bucks.
    You do NOT need to buy the bundle.