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HEY everyone! just received my acceptance letter to Chattanooga State for LPN program starting in Fall 2009. Anyone else starting then and just received letter? Thanks... Read More

  1. by   STEPH84
    Me too! :-)
  2. by   amy10587
    Hey congratulations! I'm currently in the LPN program. Don't be nervous about clinicals. It's at NHC and it's really not bad at all. They assign you one patient that you have to do a care plan for and their daily care each day. We did G-Tubes, Peg-Tubes, vital signs, injections, meds, etc. Oh and you wear your scrubs everyday starting the first day. Good luck ladies!
  3. by   lexie'smama
    thanks so much for the reply amy! did you start in jan? how long do you have to study in the evenings?
  4. by   amy10587
    Yes I started in Jan. I try to study as much as possible in the evenings but you have to give yourself a break from it sometimes. That's the main thing with this program. The tests are not that hard as long as you study for them and are prepared. If you are exempt from anatomy or nutrition you get time to study while those who aren't exempt are in class. That helps out a lot as well.
  5. by   lexie'smama
    amy 10587, just wonderin, did you buy every single book that was listed and do we use all of them? Also, should we bring them all to class the first day, and should i get like one of the small rolling luggage bags? sorry for all the questions!
  6. by   amy10587
    I bought most of them. The main ones you use are Rosdahl, the green handbook, and the nutrition and a&p book if you have to take it. You probably won't use Christensen or the drug book until later on in the semester.
  7. by   amy10587
    Oh yea and I would definitely get a rolling backpack. They have lockers but I don't know how the knew building is going to be yet.
  8. by   lexie'smama
    thanks so much for the replies!
  9. by   lexie'smama
    hey steph, hows your summer been? cant believe we now have a little over a month until we start! what kind of bag are you gonna get for school?
  10. by   lexie'smama
    and how ya doing on that long list of requirements?
  11. by   christelh1
    Hello ladies...hope you all are doing well and finishing up the first semester. I graduated the LPN program at CSTCC July 2008. I hope you all have gotten your rolling backpacks...or asked for one for Christmas! Just wanted to let you case you haven't been told are not exempt from Nutrition after the first semester. You will be exempt first semester, but still have Nutrtion tests second semester. We lost a few in my class during that time. As far as you hit second semester....HOLD ON and get ready! I am married and have kids and worked weekends while in the can be done but you cannot have a social life and your spouse MUST be a contributing factor to your success. I did crock pot dinners alot and my husband handled laundry and dishes. Some nights (second semester) I studied 6-8 hours. I was able to manage a 4.0 GPA in the program and pass my NCLEX on the first time. The key to passing NCLEX is studying all year...don't try to cram before NCLEX. Any questions that you have..let me know!
  12. by   dee78
    Thanks. I'm starting in January. I'm a single mom, not currently working because of a lay off. I was told that rolling backpacks are a must have. I may have to look into it. Luckily we are in the new building and the parking lot is right outside our door so we could go out to the car on breaks to retrieve books...if necessary.

    Thanks for the info about nutrition. I was under the impression that I would be exempt from nutrition and assumed it was for all semesters. No worries, I got an A in it the first time.

    Thanks for the advice about the NCLEX
  13. by   christelh1
    Hello again...I forgot to tell all of you to make sure you fill out the FAFSA for any grants you may qualify for. Also make sure financial aid credits you for the Wilder Naifeh technical skills grant. (As long as it is still available.) It is $2,000 free money, not a loan, that ALL technical students qualify for regardless of income status. Every little bit helps. Don't forget to also utilize other government services that are available while you are attending school. I worked the whole time during the program but I knew someone who lived off of grants, loans, and food stamps. She was a single mom...didn't have to work while she was in the program. Good luck to you all!

    P.S. Hopefully I will meet you in the hall someday! (I have applied for the transition program that starts in May!)