Calling all southwest tn comm. College spring 2012 hopefuls!!!

  1. I know it's a bit early, but I intend on applying for the evening/weekends program at SWTCC Spring 2012. I have a gpa of 2.75, 143 on nln, and an A in ap2 and B's in micro and ap1. Is there anyone on here that has been accepted to the program during a spring semester.. heard it's more competitive vs fall sem!!?? What are my chances??? Thanks
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  3. by   lmd05
    I can't speak for the spring semester but I was accepted to the fall with pretty much the same stats as you. The worst they can tell you is no so just go for it
  4. by   SheriWood
    Thanks! I will
  5. by   futureRNMena
    Me too.
  6. by   sjmann90
    I am also applying for Spring 2012. This past Spring was one of their most competitive. I was told that they had almost 400 apply and almost all of them had all A's. I have A's in AP I & II, a B in Micro, a 150 NLN score, and a 3.1 GPA. My index score comes out to be 62.1, and I hope that's high enough. After reading the forum from last Spring, most of people who got accepted had around 64's. In case I don't get accepted this time, I am retaking Micro right now, so I can reapply in Feb for next fall. I really don't want to wait that long.
  7. by   SheriWood
    I havent had any feedback from students who entered in the spring, but I did call and ask what was the lowest index score to be accepted this fall & I was told a 50. Im looking at a 57 right now so I feel kind of confident. I just dnt see the lowest index score jumping up to a 58 from a 50 but then again that was for the fall so idk???!!! Praying for good news tho...
  8. by   sjmann90
    The Spring semester is the most competitive to get into because there are a lot of people who are working full time during the day and now going back to school at night. A majority of them have taken their prerequisites only 1-2 classes at a time and can focus only on that 1 class, so most of them made A's. Also, for some of them the prereqs are the only classes they have taken in college since there's no prereqs classes you have to have inorder to take A&P I & II or Micro, so they have a high GPA too. For the Fall, you have a large mixture of students, which majority of them have been full time students, who usually don't have all A's and 4.0 GPAs since they have a heavier course load and other classes to focus on too, so the index scores are always lower for the Fall. Plus the lowest index score accepted is always different depending on who applies for that semester. I haven't called for the lowest index score accepted for this past Spring, but several people that I know that started in the Spring had index scores around 62-67. I have been told that they send out the rejection letters before they notify the students who have been accepted, so if you haven't received a rejection letter after a month or so, then you're good.
  9. by   hltvm
    I am also applying for the Spring Term 2012. Thank you for the information, I forgot that the Spring semester is the most competitive. They only accept 60 students for the Spring Term. I know my index score is 62.61. Hopefully, I can hear news from them soon. I heard that the nursing school is very tough, I am kind of nervous, are you ready for it? Are you going to be a full time student?
  10. by   sjmann90
    I will be a full time student. My score is 62.04 so I'm not far behind you. The next month I'm going to be on pins and needles waiting.
  11. by   fleur-di-lis-RN2b
    Just some info for those waiting, I found out that there were about 275 applicants for spring and the competition was very strong. So hang in there everyone, calls went out last year for my class on Friday November 12 (I will always remember that call!) There are only two to three weeks to go so its not that much longer! Good luck everyone!
  12. by   tres1208
    I am kinda nervous. I scored 133, with Bs in AP 1,2 AND Micro. But my Cumulative GPA is 2.8. I am also doing the CNA license to meet the requirements for Mid South/Arkansas State.
    I am going for it if SW doesn't pan out.
    Baptist didn't want me and weren't very nice about letting me down.
  13. by   SheriWood
    The anxiety is def starting to set in for me.. But now all we can do is wait!! Good luck to us all
  14. by   tres1208
    I'm wondering if anyone has received rejection letters yet. Based on last year, we might get phone calls on November 11th. I hear the letters go out before the calls. So much speculation on my part. Oh please let me get in!!!!