Any MTSU Spring 2013 hopefuls? - page 4

I am applying at MTSU for the Spring 2013 semester. If anyone else on here has previously been accepted to the program I would love to hear how your interview went, and what your scores were that got... Read More

  1. by   serenitylove14
    Gosh I just graduated in 2012 and we didnt have to interview or anything like that. We got accepted with GPA and ACT.
  2. by   hopefulnurse45
    After being put on the alternatives list at MTSU I was really discouraged thinking there is no way that a spot will open up for me but I am proud to say that the nursing program called me yesterday and a spot opened up so I will be starting the nursing program next week! I am so thankful and excited for this opportunity. I was wondering what should I expect from this first semester? I have heard it is the hardest semester.
  3. by   CCT2R
    Awe congrats!!! So happy for you. We start in one week Ahh exciting yet nervous
  4. by   hopefulnurse45
    I feel like I have so much to do between now and next thursday! But I am very excited about it. Have you gotten your books yet? I am worried they are going to be very expensive.
  5. by   CCT2R
    I've gotten a few of them not all yet just the pathophysiology and my elective end of life care together it was $139 ish. I didn't want to purchase the others yet you never know if you need certain things like online stuff with it or the RN clinical access not sure what that is lol. I wonder if we will find out abt uniforms etc. or if that's later on.
  6. by   CCT2R
    Finally got all my books etc. It was close to $400 I've spent. Looking forward to classes!
  7. by   hopefulnurse45
    Quote from CCT2R
    Finally got all my books etc. It was close to $400 I've spent. Looking forward to classes!
    That's not to bad actually I added it up and thought it was around $650? Did you get all used books?
  8. by   CCT2R
    I got some used and I didn't have to purchase the clicker already had one. I usually look around like Amazon etc. but I purchased one or two from MTSU. :-)
  9. by   hopefulnurse45
    I ordered my end of life care book yesterday off amazon. I think I'm gonna be looking on there for as many as I can get. I need to save money where ever I can lol