Any LMU students?

  1. Hi everyone. I am currently waiting on THE letter from LMU for Spring '08..anyone else waiting?
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  3. by   LPMRN
    Hey Future Nurse,
    I'm currently in the LMU program. I'm at one of the smaller sites. Hope you get your letter soon. I know that can be very nerve racking waiting on an answer...
    Let me know if you have any questions on the LMU program.
    May 2008 can't get here quick enough!
  4. by   ~FutureNurse~
    Wheew! I was starting to think that I was the ONLy one!!

    I do actually have a question. I have been checking out there site, seeing what classes I will *hopefully* be taking. But I am kind of confused, what classes will I be taking in my 1st semester? Is it different depending on where you take your classes?

    If I do get in, I will be taking my classes at St. Mary's Hospital in Knoxville!!

    Talk to ya soon!!
  5. by   LPMRN
    Future Nurse,
    Do you have all your pre req's taken? I know that the first nursing course is Nur 115. I'm going thru the LPN-RN route, so I didn't have to take 115. I have never been to the St Mary's campus. Let me know when you get your letter. Why did you choose LMU over Pellissippi or UT? Just curious...
  6. by   ~FutureNurse~
    Yes, I have ALL pre-reqs finished. I actually took all my pre-reqs at Pellissippi. I don't think my GPA is good enough for UT.

    I am actually applying to Roane State CC, Walter's State CC and LMU. I like LMU because I can go to school at St. Mary's, which is less than 5 mintues from my house. I called the school today and they said they have not sent the letters out yet!! So, I am still waiting.

    Do you have any complaints about LMU?
  7. by   RN007
    I'm an LMU grad, May '07. (It seems so long ago!) If you get accepted into the other schools, do consider them. They're a lot cheaper and I think the education would be just as good. I know Roane grads have great reputations and I have worked with some great WSCC grads, too. I have heard LMU might be close to probation because they're NCLEX pass rates are dropping. I haven't confirmed this rumor. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have. I have friends who took classes at the St. Mary's site.
  8. by   LPMRN
    My main complaint is the cost at LMU, and the program seemed disorganized at times. My instructors were great, but those above them seemed to make alot of last minute decisons on schedules and things like that. I sometimes wish that I would have went to a cheaper school.
  9. by   ~FutureNurse~
    Yea, I have heard that they are a little disorganized. I am also applying to Walters State for their Spring Program, but everyone I talk to there is really rude! They are not very friendly!!

    I still haven't got a letter. They said the end of October we should know something, I called them on Friday and they said they would be sending the letters out "sometime this week" who knows??

    It is a little pricey....but I just want to start Nursing school so bad at this point I just dont care about the cost!
  10. by   brendadoug
    Did you get your letter yet? Wishing you luck!!
  11. by   ~FutureNurse~
    No, I never got a letter so I called...and they said that I didn't get I am just waiting on a letter from Walter's State now...
  12. by   brendadoug
    I am so sorry, hopefully LMU will come thru, keep us posted. I am applying to Roane, and LMU. Did you have to take a test? Did they give you any idea as to why you didnt get it
  13. by   ~FutureNurse~
    I had to take a TEAS exam for Roane State, but that is for Fall Admission..yea, my GPA isn't that great, that is why I didn't get in.
  14. by   Nurse Rachet RN
    Hey, I am a senior at LMU at the St. Mary's site. I think it's a great program. I have friends in almost every program in town...they all have thier fair share of complaints. The clinical experience seems to surpass the other students we have seen on the floors. They don't seem as advanced. The cost is high, depending on your situation...they do have financial aid, grants, loans, and scholarships. Also, if you are from Knoxville, you might check into WIA at the career center on University Ave. They help pay for books, tuition, NCLEX fees, etc. The first class you will take is NURsing 115 (foundations) plus clinicals. LMU requires an information fluency class(get that one out of the way early) and Lincolns Life. If all of your pre-req's are finished, that helps a lot! Second semester is 125 and 126 (med-surg and psych)Third semester is 241 and 245 (med-surg and peds) then finally your last semester is 242, 246, 290 (med-surg, OB, and management). When you graduate and sit for NCLEX, you can continue with your studies and receive you BSN. They do thier clinicals at St. Mary's, Childrens, Pennisula, and Blount Memorial. The clinical instructors are very knowledgeable! I grauate May 3....It's not all roses, but I don't think any Nursing school would be. P.S. you do have to maintain an 80% for a final grade each semester. Hope this helps