Am I On The Right Track?

  1. Hi All! I have a few questions in regards to nursing school acceptance.

    1) I ****** (sorry for the language) away my start at a college education. I attended 2 colleges and at the end of my stint at college number 2, my cumulative GPA WAS a .72.. Please don't laugh. I was immature and had my priorities a mess!

    2) I have since begun building my GPA back up. I am currently enrolled at Nashville State and lack AP I(taking this spring) & II and Micro before being able to apply for nursing school. I have taken approx 24 hours at NSCC and have a GPA of 3.8, member of Phi Theta Kappa, and on the Dean's List 3 semesters. I applied for an Academic Fresh Start; however, my previous counselor wasn't happy with her job and blew off my request(shortly there after she was terminated). I'm not sure if she followed through before her exit or not and am currently awaiting correspondence with the Records Office.

    How much of an impact will my previous years grades effect me? Are Academic Fresh Starts transferable to other TBR schools (given I intend on applying to multiple associate degree nursing programs)? Given I have only 3 required courses, several elective courses, if accepted would I have to go 2 years to finish up the nursing part or would I be able to take more nursing classes per semester?

    I really hope someone out there can offer insight. I'm currently chasing my tail.
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