Tennessee hospital...okay to mix IV meds to hang?


Hello all! I have been working at this hospital for almost a year now. I graduated from school a few years ago and I thought I remembered that we (as LPN'S) could not mix IV bags...example...40kcl in a bag of 1/2NS to run as primary or actually taking 60mg of gent and injecting it into a 50cc bag to hang as secondary. In the hospital where I worked before, this wasn't an issue as we had a 24hr pharmacy and everything came premixed anyway. This is a MUCH smaller facility and I'm not sure if mixing like this is in my scope of practice. Just needing a little information! Forgive me if this post is rambling...I just got off three 12 hour nightshifts!! YAY NURSING! LOL:lol2:

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I did a very brief search to see if I could find TN's scope of practice for LPN's but was unable to find anything. If you are doubtful of whether or not you are legally able to mix the IV meds please contact your BON. Also check to see what your employer's policy is on who is allowed to mix the IV meds.

Remember, it's never a good idea to do anything you're uncomfortable with doing by yourself no matter what your licensure is.


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Thanks for your reply! I am not uncomfortable with any part of mixing IVs. I don't have a problem with it but my employer takes advantage of LPNs all the time. I guess I was feeling a little vindictive! I know I shouldn't be that way and today I don't feel it but sometimes it is so exasperating. As far as my employers' policy is concerned, they probably don't even know! LOL Thanks so much for your help!

Most of the states do not even have a black and white scope of practice for LPN/LVN's. Most are usually able to safely and legally preform duties that they have been trained to do. So if you have been trained to do the IV meds, then you should be able to do it.


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Check with your BON if you aren't sure. I've noticed that quite often someone will say that such and such is outside an LVN/LPN scope of practice in their state when the reality is that its is outside the scope in the facility where they are working.