Temporary RN Job Options?


Hello! So I am in a unique situation. I graduate with a BSN in December, then move back to Berkeley, CA to be with my husband until he finishes grad school in May, then we will most likely be moving out of the San Francisco Bay area to who knows where. So I need to find a job from January-May because we are in quite a bit of debt with both of us being in school at the same time. I may not even be able to take the NCLEX until March or so, but am planning on getting the interim permit. I am planning on reaching out to the home health agency I was working for as a CNA before nursing school to see if they would re-hire me, but I am just trying to think of options for temporary jobs. I don't think I could apply to any new grad programs at a hospital because I could only work for such a short amount of time. But I also don't want to get "too much" experience during those few months to where I don't qualify for new grad programs when we move somewhere else in May/June.

Any suggestions for what kind of nursing job I could do for this short period of time? Or any suggestions on where I can search for these kind of jobs, or for job fairs, I have been googling but haven't come up with much. Just wondering if there is a good resource for nursing jobs. Thanks!

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In California, it will take three months to get licensed ...and that's if everything goes smoothly.

According to the BON's processing times” information, getting the permit is only two weeks faster.


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Good to know about the permit, thank you