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Tell me about your program.

by MEandaDNP2b MEandaDNP2b (New) New

I, just like many of you, am interested in attending a DNP program in the near future. My wife and I are currently saving money to do so. I have looked at many programs across the country, but I can only learn so much about each program online. I am hoping by reaching out to this community I can learn about each of your programs, to further help my decision:

-What did you like?

-What did you dislike?

-Was your resume competative? How so?

-How was the cost? Financial assistance available?

-How many years?

-What was difficult about it?

and anything else you may want to add. I would greatly appreciate any feed back. Thank you very much.

NurseLatteDNP, MSN, DNP, RN

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I love my program at University of Central Arkansas. Program is fairly new, so I am not sure if it is on their school's site yet. I love the small classes, I love that it is fully online, and it is at an accredited University. Program is 2 years long, going all 3 semesters (spring, summer, fall). Cost is low because it is at a public university, but due to the online classes, I do not pay for out of state tuition. Program is geared towards nurse executive administration, not nurse practitioners. I was accepted with my masters in nurse education. There are 9 of us in class, 7 are administrators and 2 are nurse practitioners who want to bridge into administration. No GRE or MAT was required and clinical can be done at your own workplace.

Negatives? I had to take graduate statistics.

hmm, that is a negative. Your program seems to be what people look for with an online program. Cheap, flexible schedule, and no GRE or Mats to take. I will look them up thank you for replying!