Tell the interviewer I'm pregnant?


I just found out I was pregnant, the same day I passed my state exam. I am 5 weeks pregnant and I have an interview at a rehab facility tomorrow. Should I let them know during the interview that I'm pregnant? I feel confident that I can do the job except lifting the patients by myself. It is my understanding that pregnant women in all trimesters are discouraged from lifting anything over 50 pounds. What would you do?

Gr4ceffa, CNA

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Hi! First off, congratulations on your pregnancy. I would suggest that you do tell your employer that you are. Sooner than later, your stomach is going to grow, and is going to become extremely obvious that you are pregnant. Lying, and then being told to lift a patient, which is going to weigh much more than 50 pounds is not only going to either force you to create another lie about why you cannot lift the patient, or you're going to tell them you're pregnant and possibly get in trouble for not telling your employer sooner.