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Tell the family this ??

So ........my story...

She told us ..." I'm just helping your father get to the next world"

well with all the stuff that went on in that room (which I thought I was prepared for , that line has stuck with me and given me nitemares ever since ! and then

the line about the Looking for the "Kennedy Rash" on the lower back...!!

I would never wanna be A hospice nurse and I have no idea what the training is to kill people.... but thats really what it came down to... Euthinasia morphine injected every once in a while until Death ?.... No diseases no pain just an ole Navy guy ready to leave his

very good life for what ever was coming... I held his hand as just glad we were all there...

No one say's this is suppsed to be fun either...and

Dad signed the papers he was 94 and in his words " Ran outta gas "

and had had enough...This was in Connecticut by the way... laws I suppose are different everywhere too... I know the nurses were doing their job BUT I could never so live with myself doing their jobs and so I hope they sleep good at nite...

I am sorry for your loss.

Please seek the help of a therapist. And, or, call the hospice facility that was caring for your father. Tell them you have a lot of questions about how your father's death was handled. You'd like to speak to the adminstrator and nurse caring for your father.


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