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Hi, I am new to this forum but there seems to be a lot of good ideas and good advice to be found. I am an CCU/ICU RN for the last 9 years. I truly love what I do but don't like the long hours and working weekends. I was surfing the web and came across a job position in my local area called telephonic underwriting interviewer for a major insurance company. I would be assessing patients for long term care policies and sending a summary to the insurance company. And I would be doing this from my home. Pay is not too bad and I can set my own schedule. I was hoping for opinions from my fellow nurses. Thanks


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I had heard of something similar, but was unable to get any info on it from the company............could you PM me with contact info?


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Hi - I know this post is very old, however I was wondering if you could PM me with contact info for this position. I've already done similar work for an agency that contracts out for this type of thing, but could not get enough work. thanks a lot!

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