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I would like to work at home. I have ER & CC exp. How do I enter the field of home telephone triage? Any advice? Know a company? How are you oriented?;)... Read More

  1. by   andrewsimon
    At present the economical situation is extremely critical for every person who is working in today's market. The current economical situation has made many people to find a job and earn from their home itself. Working from home is something that most people have only heard or thought off and most don't think that it can be for them.
  2. by   handyrn
    Not seeing many people that are in this line of work responding. Could it be that none of them need to look for a nursing support site such as this? Could it be that they are all happy as they do not have to put up with office politics?
  3. by   Shadian725
    I enjoyed the posts re: Tele Advice Nursing
    Ive been in the field for three years in Vancouver Canada
    I am moving to southern cal to be closer to my girlfriend there

    Ive tried Kaiser's site for tele nursing but dont see much at the moment

    Id rather continue working in the same field, eventually going to work-from home.

    Can you help me with any leads to contact info of such facilities hiring in southern Cal?

    thank you, you can PM me